Tammela, Päivi

University of Helsinki (Finland)

Päivi Tammela is a professor of pharmaceutical biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, received her PhD in pharmacy in 2004 and Adjunct professorship in pharmaceutical biology in 2005. In 2011, she completed a postdoctoral research visit at the University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, UK, and held the Academy of Finland Research Fellow position in 2014-2019. She has received the American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation Jack L. Beal Award for best Journal of Natural Products paper by a young investigator (2009) and Finnish Pharmaceutical Society Albert Wuokko Award to Young Scientist (2004). Päivi has published >80 publications and 5 patents, received in total >3.5 M€ as research grants and supervised 6 postdocs and 8 PhD students during her career. 

Prof. Tammela leads the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC (EU-OS) operations in Finland and is the head of the High Throughput Biomedicine Unit at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), which is one of the high capacity screening partner sites in EU-OS ERIC. Together with the EU-OS academic library working group and the EU-OS office, she has been establishing the framework for collecting compounds into the EU-OPENSCREEN Academic Compound Library.


EU-OPENSCREEN Academic Compound Library – Sourcing compounds from the chemistry community for new discoveries  


EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is a non-profit research infrastructure, which operates on a global scale and offers access to academic high-throughput screening facilities and medicinal chemistry groups in the ERIC member countries. Scientists from academia and industry can implement their screening projects at EU-OPENSCREEN´s partner laboratories using our European Chemical Biology Library (ECBL). Part of this collection, the EU-OPENSCREEN Academic Compound Library, will be collected from academic communities. Compounds submitted into this collection will be screened against a wide range of biological assays, thereby delivering extensive information about their biological activities and providing opportunities for novel collaborations with EU-OPENSCREEN users from all over Europe and beyond. EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC together with its Academic Library Working Group has established the framework and procedures for compound collections from academic communities, and these will be presented in this talk. 

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