Sattin, Sara

University of Milano (Italy)

Sara Sattin graduated in Industrial Chemistry and Management and then obtained my PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2009 at the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano) working on the synthesis of mono- and multivalent glycomimetc inhibitors of DC-SIGN mediated infections. After a 2-years postdoc at the ICIQ-Tarragona (ES) working on supramolecular chemistry (UOF-based cages) I moved to the University of Oxford (UK) to work in the fascinating field of chemical biology. In late 2013, I moved back to Milan where I worked as a senior postdoc on the chemical allosteric modulation of the hub protein Hsp90. In 2017, I became Assistant Professor and I have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant towards the eradication of chronic infections. Since 2018, I am Associate professor in Organic Chemistry.


Interfering with bacterial survival strategies


Persistence is a bacterial bet hedging strategy that allows for temporary tolerance to antibiotic treatment. This phenotypic switch paves the way to the chronicity of certain infections and to the insurgence of genetic resistance. Here we present our work on targeting bacterial persisters via inhibition of the upstream of the stringent response, one of the working hypothesis for their formation. Our multidisciplinary approach comprises in silico studies on Rel proteins, synthesis of compounds designed ad hoc and evaluation of their biological activity.

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