Ziegler, Slava

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology (Germany)


Morphological Profiling of Small Molecules for Mode-of-Action Prediction


Profiling approaches monitor up to hundreds of parameters and are used to explore bioactivity of small molecules in an unbiased manner. The cell painting assay (CPA) is a morphology-based profiling that employs high-content imaging and analysis of six stained cellular components and compartments to extract hundreds of morphological features. Morphological fingerprints are used to assess bioactivity and are compared with fingerprints of annotated compounds with known target or activity. Profile similarity allows the generation of a target or mode-of-action hypothesis early on in the compound development process. We employed the cell painting assay to assess the bioactivity of our in-house compound collection. Detected activity can be mapped in the bioactivity cluster space and can be used to uncover unanticipated activity for reference compounds or to assign a mode of action to thus far unexplored small molecules .

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