Abstract book


I have printed it out, but the animated gif is not moving

Doing some work for us “pro bono” will really add to your portfolio i promise I really think this could go viral that’s great, but we need to add this 2000 line essay so do less with more. There is too much white space. Can you lower the price for the website? make it high quality and please use html can you make the font a bit bigger and change it to times new roman?

Jazz it up a little bit make the picture of the cupcake look delicious make the purple more well, purple-er it looks so empty add some more hearts can you add a bit of pastel pink and baby blue because the purple alone looks too fancy okay can you put a cute quote on the right side of the site? oh no it looks messed up! i think we need to start from scratch is this the best we can do, nor could you do an actual logo instead of a font, nor I really like the colour but can you change it can you use a high definition screenshot so give us a complimentary logo along with the website. We are a startup there is too much white space.