Registration and Abstract Submission Instructions

1) Register

To join us at this year’s edition of the European Chemical Biology Symposium of EuChemS and EU-OPENSCREEN on the virtual Whova platform, please register for free following this link:



2) Using the Whova Platform

Once registered, you can login to Whova, to set your personnel agenda by selecting specific talks and activities either

a) with your laptop or desktop PC, using the Whova “Web App” in a browser:


b) by downloading and using the Whova App for IPhone/IPad or Android Phones and tablets here:


Please note that there is no possibility to submit an abstract through the Whova registration link. To submit an abstract, please follow the independent procedure described below.

Please also note that you will receive a Whova ID once registered, which you can use when submitting your abstract.



3) Submit your Abstract

Abstract submissions are independent of actual registrations to the ECBS (you can however first register to whova and then inform us about your whova ID during your abstract submission).

To submit your abstract, please use our Abstract submission page.